Marti Rowland – President

Marti is a native to Colorado and a recent transplant to the Phoenix area. She is passionate about giving back to our active duty, veteran, and service communities. This stems from being married to a Navy Veteran and raising a Marine, who is now a Veteran himself. She joined the Go Team Therapy Dogs over 7 years ago with her miracle dog, Bodie and has been busy bringing smiles, hugs and love to all ever since! In her professional life she works as a software business analyst for a large financial software development company. When she is not working or volunteering she loves to work with problem dogs, futz around her yard and take her dogs for walks up in the desert high country! She is extremely honored and excited to serve on the board and for the future direction of the Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs!

Casey Wirick – Vice President

Casey comes to us from Portland, Texas just outside of Corpus Christi. She was raised in Temple, Texas where she married and has 4 children. She received multiple certifications for Early Childhood Education and Director of Early Childhood over the 14 years she worked in the Childcare field. Her and her husband have been working with dogs since they got their first dog in 2005. Having a shepherd taught them that obedience is key, and so dog training begins. Casey started working with dogs in 2006, but didn’t start actively training till they moved to Portland where they started a dog obedience training business. As her business grew, so did her love for the community. Casey has been a Go Team member since 2016 with her wonderful pup, Daisy! Owning and running her own business has been a great experience. She is excited for the opportunity to work with the Go Team Therapy Dogs to bring smiles to the world!

Calvin Tran – Treasurer

Calvin, a Colorado native, earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado and a Master of Science in Real Estate from the University of Denver. He has honed his skills by working with several startups in Colorado and is currently focused on finding solutions for the growing workforce housing shortage. When Calvin isn’t working, he loves immersing himself in nature and learning new skills. He’s always eager to keep up with the latest innovations, too. Calvin is thrilled to contribute his expertise to the organization’s mission of bringing joy and positivity to the world.

Cheryl Minto – Secretary

Cheryl wasn’t born in Idaho, but she got there as quick as she could after a 24-year career in the Air Force as a maintainer and logistician. She has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California, an Masters of Science in Management from Troy State University and an Masters of Science in National Security and Resource Strategy from National Defense University. Cheryl joined Go Team in 2018 with her Rough Collie, Winston, and loves bringing smiles to the community. She also volunteers as an EMT in her rural county and helps maintain and manage the administration of her local Catholic Church – St Joseph’s Catholic Chapel in Idaho City. Cheryl and her husband, Pat, enjoy traveling, mountain biking, hiking and just enjoying Idaho’s beautiful outdoors.

Susann Clifford – Director


Tricia Patterson – Director

Tricia, a Colorado Springs native, joined the Go Team with her Landseer Newfoundland, Fezzik, in 2019. She currently lives in Centennial, CO with her husband. In 2024, she became an empty nester with her two children off at college, which has been an adjustment, but the silver lining is that she now has more time for volunteering. She has a successful 25+ year career in the media industry, and currently works for an advertising software company that manages radio, television, and cable networks. She is excited to join the Go Team Board and help in any way she can.

Melissa Manandic– Director


Former Directors

Steven Schlonski, President (Apr 2018-Jun 2019)
Pam Nash – Treasurer (Apr 2018-Mar 2019)
Carla Albers – Secretary (Apr 2018-Mar 2019)
Bill Lehman – Director (Apr 2018-Mar 2019)
Mary Kaye Podschweit – Director (Apr 2018-Mar 2019)

Debbie Griffin, Vice President (Apr 2018-Mar 2019), Director (Apr 2019-Mar 2020)
Brittany Bobak – Secretary (Apr 2019-Mar 2020)
Tim Abenroth – Director (Apr 2018-Mar 2020)
Claudine Shank – Director (Jul 2019-Mar 2020)

Melissa Simko, President (Apr 2019-Mar 2020), Director (Apr 2020-Jun 2020)

Heather Becker – Treasurer (Apr 2019-Mar 2021)
Stephanie Starling – Director (July 2020-Mar 2021)

Erin Carlson, Director (Apr 2019-Mar 2021), Treasurer (Apr 2021-Dec 2021)

Kendra Amidon-Sanford, Vice President (Mar 2019-Apr 2020), President (Apr 2020-Mar 2021), Director (Apr 2021-Mar 2022)

Jerry Carney, Vice President (Mar 2021-Apr 2023)

Barbara Shufelt, Director (Mar 2021-Feb 2023)

Mark Barton, Director (Apr 2023-Nov 2023)

Cary Solberg, Vice President (Apr 2020 – March 2021), President (Apr 2021 – Mar 2024)
Connie Tran, Director, Secretary (Apr 2020 – Mar 2022, Treasurer (Apr 2022 – Mar 2023), Vice President (Apr 2023 – Mar 2024)
Steven Schlonski, Director (Apr 2020 – Mar 2024)