We work hard to make our class both fun and educational for you and your dog. 

Class Expectations

The GO TEAM Class is an intense two-day process, and includes real-life training at multiple venues to expose dogs and handlers to a variety of situations. Our class is challenging and we’ve designed it that way. Even after passing the GO TEAM class, everyone is expected to continue their dog’s education, reinforcing and practicing obedience and special commands to maintain the highest Standards. The class typically runs from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day.

Class Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to attend a GO TEAM Class, dog/handler teams must meet the following requirements:

Dogs shall,

  • be at least one (1) year of age at the time class begins,
  • have passed an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test,
  • not be reactive towards children, adults or other dogs (Dogs requiring muzzles are automatically disqualified from GO TEAM class),
  • not be in heat (female dogs only),
  • not be sick (e.g. kennel cough or other respiratory issues, GI issues, transmittable skin conditions, etc).

Handlers shall,

  • complete the online applications in its entirety prior to attending class,
  • provide documentation showing CGC completion (w/in the last 12 months) upon request (e.g. CGC certificate),
  • pay all fees in full prior to attending class
  • Submit no later than 14 days following graduation, a veterinarian signed Health Certificate showing the result your dogs fecal and heartworm tests conducted within the last 6 months
  • [Teen Handlers only, ages 10-17] attend class with an adult guardian who is also a GO TEAM handler for the same dog.

Handler-Dog Teams shall be endorsed or recommended by a GO TEAM approved evaluator or other dog training business cleared by the GO TEAM Executive Director. We do contact all evaluators to verify each handler/dog team recommendation.

Training during class includes:

  • Therapy / Comfort Dog Training
  • Real Life Situational Training
  • Therapy Dog Testing
  • GO TEAM Testing
  • AKC – CGCA – Community Canine – Testing
  • AKC – URBAN – Urban Canine Good Citizen – Testing
  • Elevator, Stair and Crowd Training
  • Fire Station / First Responder Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Paws 2 Read Training
  • Real or Mock Drills of TSA Airport Security
  • T-shirt for the handler

When you pass you will receive:

  • One year of membership on the GO TEAM
  • One personalized GO TEAM vest with embroidered name (per dog)
  • One GO TEAM Membership Identification (ID) Card (per handler-dog team)
  • One Graduation Certificate (per handler)
  • One year of Liability Insurance (per handler-dog team)
  • Reachback support from GO TEAM Trainers and Staff
  • While a member, access to unlimited training for life of the dog at all future GO TEAM classes
Pepper with Soldier

Training Code of Conduct

During a GO TEAM class, dog/handler teams must agree to follow these AKC and GO TEAM Therapy Dog requirements:

Handlers shall,

  • abide by all directions and instructions from the GO TEAM Instructor,
  • be responsible for your dog and its actions at all times including but not limited to financial or physical injury,
  • consider the safety of other people and dogs at all times,
  • use a buckle or snap collar,
  • not use any training aid (e.g. e-collar, choke chains, etc),
  • use a 4-6 foot leash at all times,
  • bring to class an up-to-date copy of their dog’s veterinarian issued shot record which shows current Rabies vaccination (Titer Tests are accepted)

All handler/dog teams must be re-evaluated and certified yearly, to keep their insurance active.  

GO TEAM Therapy Dog Insurance will only cover your dog when you are volunteering under the auspices of the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc.

Handlers will volunteer exclusively under the auspices of GO TEAM and will not be a member in another therapy dog organization unless the same is specifically approved by the Executive Director.