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The go team has been an enlightening experience for Fred and I. We never thought that Belle would be happy visiting strangers in facilities, allowing strangers to pet her, talk to her, etc. It’s amazing. When she sees her vest she get extremely excited knowing we will be going out. Seeing our Belle make people smile and laugh is heartwarming. We love sharing her with others. Proud of all the therapy dogs. They have grown so much since we first started with the classes in October. Without Sit Means Sit we would never have been doing this. So thank you Sit Means Sit. And thank you Nancy for working to train all of our dogs and us.

Betty and Fred


We just love being involved on The Go Team. It has meant a great deal to us to be able to share the joy and happiness that Moose brings to us with other people. It not only means a lot to us to be able to be involved in such a great organization that makes people happy but I believe it is also helping to change the negative personifications that people have towards Rottweiler’s. We are very proud to be given the opportunity to help change the minds and hearts of people and their feelings about Rottweilers.

Nicole, Dylan and Moose


The GO TEAM has been a wonderful experience for both Turner and me. From the testing process to attending events representing the GO TEAM, it has been an enjoyable adventure. Working with the dedicated owners and their canine companions at special events, a nursing home, a library is a heart-warming experience. When you see the smiles on children’s faces, or you see a child lay on the floor with a dog and wrap their arms around that dog, or see a child pick up a small dog and hold that dog to them makes you so proud to be a part of the GO TEAM. And it is not only the young children that enjoy the dogs. One of my favorite places visited was a nursing home, and how happy the residents were to see, pet, hold and talk to the dogs. So many of them commented about their own dogs they had prior to going into the facility. It was humbling.

But the best part is to look at the canines on the GO TEAM; dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes and you are proud of each and every one of them, just like they were your own dog, for what they do – Make people happy!

Gwen and Turner


What has Go Team done for Hope and I?

Since January, 2009 when I rescued Hope, whenever I have faced adversity in my life Hope has been by my side. Hope is such a great companion. Everyday I look forward to the special time we share together. She instinctively knows what I am feeling, shares the excitement life brings and comforts me through disappointments. Since we started Go Team it has been very rewarding to see others enjoy Hope in much the same way I do.

When Hope first came to live with me she lacked confidence. I would reach to pet her and she would duck away, I would invite her to sit on my lap to cuddle and she would go lay on her pillow alone. When a male would initiate an interaction with Hope, she would run and hide. When my other dogs tried to include Hope in their puppy games, she would separate herself from the group and play alone. Since we started Go Team Hope displays a high degree of confidence in the way she carries herself, and there isn’t anyone she doesn’t want to meet or interact with.

Through all of the Go Team events we participate in, and volunteering in the Paws To Read program at Penrose Library on Saturday mornings, we now have a feeling of connection to our community. The Go Team has given both Hope and I a forum to give back, and that feels GREAT.

The Go Team is such a positive experience, and something we both look forward to participating in for years to come.

Thank you for everything you do for us.

Kendra & Hope

**************************************************************************************************************** I cannot even begin to explain how fulfilling it has been for me to share the joy, love and contentment with others that Ace and Bo bring to me. They can make you smile or lick your tears. Being with The GO Team Therapy Dogs Team has warmed my heart, humbled me and sometimes brought me to tears. Sometimes all someone needs is to hug a dog to make their day better. The love that Ace and Bo give is unconditional (just like all of the other dogs). I am proud and humbled to share the love of Ace and Bo with others. I thank The Go Team Therapy Dogs Team and Sit Means Sit for making it possible for us to share the love!

Pam, Ace, and Bo


The GO TEAM Therapy-Crisis-Airport Dogs is a way for our family to give back to my community. We have traveled all over the United States attending training and volunteering. Just the smiles on the people we meet, warms your heart and makes everything worthwhile. We can’t wait for our next adventure!

Nancy & Tabor

Ryan & Snickers