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Answers to Frequently Asked Training Questions:

• If the class you have registered for does not have the minimum sign-ups required, you will automatically be rolled into the next scheduled class in your city.
• By signing up for the class, you acknowledge you have read and understand the class info
• You are signing up for the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc. Training Class.
• Handlers and dogs will be using a buckle/snap collar during testing and training. No other collars will be allowed during the training weekend for the GO TEAM and relates to AKC and Therapy Dog requirements.
• Dogs must have a 4-6 foot leash on dog, during training weekend.
• Dogs CANNOT be reactive towards other dogs, children or adults.
• Not everyone passes this training class. If for some reason you do not pass, we will give you guidance on additional training your dog needs to successfully pass GO TEAM training. We allow you to come to another GO TEAM training without payment of additional fees.
• You and your dog have received the recommendation of a SMS Franchise Owner or other GO TEAM approved evaluator in your area before being accepted to attend this class. We do contact all evaluators to verify each handler/dog team class recommendation.
• All handler/dog teams MUST pass their AKC approved CGC testing prior to class
• When you sign up for the training weekend, you are responsible for your dog and its actions at all times.
• There are no refunds except in those situations previously approved by the GO TEAM Board of Directors.
• If you have any questions concerning GO TEAM training, or if you are limited (physically / emotionally) in any way, please contact us PRIOR to signing up for class in order for us to see how we may help accommodate you.
• You will not receive your dog’s personalized GO TEAM vest until you and your dog successfully complete GO TEAM training, pay all fees in full, and submitted all required membership paperwork and forms.