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GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3, Non Profit.

GO TEAM Class Information

The GO TEAM Training Program is an intense two-day process, typically running from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day.  The schedule of classes includes real-life training at multiple venues to expose dogs and handlers to a variety of situations.  To register for this program  dog/handler teams must meet the following requirements (and understand that not all dog/handler teams will pass):

1. All dogs must be at least one (1) year of age at the time class begins.

2. Teams must be endorsed or recommended by a SMS Franchise Owner, GO TEAM approved evaluator, or other dog training business as set forth in GO TEAM policies on endorsements and recommendations.

3. All dogs must have passed an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and provide documentation of the same prior to attending GO TEAM Training.  The CGC certificate must have been awarded within the 12 months prior to GO TEAM training.

4. Handlers must complete and provide all required paperwork prior to class.

5. Dogs must meet all requirements set forth in Canine Requirements to Attend Go Team Training. 

6. Dogs cannot be reactive towards children, adults or other dogs. A dog who needs a muzzle is automatically disqualified from GO TEAM training.

7. Dogs in heat are not allowed to participate in training or at events.

8. Handlers must agree to follow all training requirements, including the following:

• Handlers and dogs will use a buckle or snap collar during testing and training, per AKC and Therapy Dog requirements.

• No training aids (e-collars, choke chains, etc.) are allowed.

• Dogs must be on a 4-6 foot leash during all GO TEAM training.

• Failure to come to training sessions with the required collar and leash is grounds to fail GO TEAM training.

9. All fees must be paid in full prior to training.

Training includes the following:

  • Therapy / Comfort Dog Training
  • Real Life Situational Training
  • Therapy Dog Testing
  • GO TEAM Testing
  • AKC – CGCA – Community Canine -Testing
  • AKC – URBAN – Urban Canine Good Citizen – Testing
  • Elevator, Escalator, Stair and Crowd Training
  • Fire Station / First Responder Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Paws 2 Read Training
  • Real or Mock Drills of TSA Airport Security
  • Initiation Membership for handler/dog teams on the GO TEAM (Graduates Only)
  • Membership in your area chapter of the GO TEAM (Graduates Only)
  • GO TEAM Custom Made Vest for the dogs (Graduates Only)
  • Vest Patches for the dogs vest (Graduates Only)
  • Dog’s Name Embroidered on vest (Graduates Only)
  • Tee shirt for the handler
  • Unlimited training for the life of the dog at future GO TEAM Training classes
  • Access to training department for troubleshooting
  • For passing teams, the opportunity to be part of an elite team of therapy/comfort dogs serving your community and throughout the United States!

All GO TEAM Graduates must be re-evaluated yearly, to keep their insurance active.  Reminder:  GO TEAM Therapy Dog Insurance will only cover you and your dog when you are “VOLUNTEERING” under the auspices of the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc.

** If you have any questions concerning the training/if you are limited in any way (need a wheelchair etc) please feel free to contact us, PRIOR to signing up, at info@goteamdogs.org***  Join us today!

Class Sign Up

Please see our calendar for future training programs. To sign up, please go to our Go Team Class Signup page. If you are interested in hosting a Go Team Training in your city, Contact Us!

***Therapy dogs do not provide direct assistance to their owners, nor do they have legal rights to access public areas or travel everywhere. Additionally, the American Disabilities Act does not apply to Therapy Dogs***