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Nancy Trepagnier is a native of Coronado, California.  She helped found GO TEAM in memory of her son and to fulfill her passion to give back to the community. Nancy’s dream of working with animals began at an early age. She trained dogs for competition at the age of 8 and taught group obedience classes starting at age 13. Growing up, she worked for a family run kennel in San Diego, then spent 35 years working in the airline industry. As a visible animal supporter, Nancy served as spokesperson for the Pet of the week segments on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox and was an advocate on the Wild and Exotic Animal Show on CBS and PBS.  Nancy holds an Education degree from San Diego State University with an emphasis in special needs children.  Nancy has 3 sons, 6 grandchildren and 2 golden retrievers named Tabor and Snickers.

Dog Training and Volunteer Experience

Executive Director - Nancy Trepagnier, with Snickers and Tabor

Nancy with Snickers and Tabor

Nancy is a professional dog trainer, therapy dog and PTSD service dog trainer specialist, behavior specialist, presenter and educator.  She has extensive experience in canine handling, training and behavior modification. Nancy is a CGC/CGCA evaluator for the American Kennel Association (AKC) SM.  She formerly evaluated dogs for two large and well known therapy dog organizations. Over the course of 6 years, Nancy delivered over 3000 hours of private and group obedience classes for a local Sit Means Sit® franchise.

Nancy’s dogs Tabor and Snickers proudly hold the title of “first 2 dogs on the GO TEAM.”  Tabor and Snickers are part of the Golden Angels Flying Service Dogs and between the two, have flown on over 700 flights.  They fly with children with autism and soldiers with PTSD.  Even today, when not training GO TEAM classes across the country, Nancy still finds time to volunteer with Tabor and Snickers. Some of Nancy’s favorite volunteer activities include United/SkyWest Airlines Fantasy Flight and volunteering with firefighters and first responders across the United States.  She and the dogs also volunteer in hospitals, schools, and at the US Air Force Academy.