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Three Month Update

It’s been a whirlwind 3 months since the Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc. took over operations for Go Team. We wanted to let you know a few of the things going on behind the scenes in this three month update from your board of directors.

Membership Transfers and Renewals

We have processed hundreds of membership transfer requests, created databases, and started processing member renewals. We’ve heard from renewing members that they appreciate the new “fillable” forms. We are continuing to work on additional ways to streamline our new member application process, as well as our renewal process, and hope to make things even easier for members in the future. Stay tuned!

New Classes

Since the transition, Executive Director Nancy Trepagnier has taught classes in California, Texas, Ohio, Utah, Colorado and Pennsylvania. We are excited to welcome new Go Team members from these states! Check out our class schedule for classes coming near you.


As we work through initial transition tasks, we are also thinking about long term growth of Go Team. We want input from members across the country and are looking at committees to address fundraising and other issues. If you are a current Go Team member and have an interest or special talent that might be of use to Go Team, please let us know at info@goteamdogs.org.  Using Google hangouts, it’s possible to video conference meetings from multiple locations, thus allowing us to get input from different areas of the country.

In The News

We regularly hear of Go Team members receiving recognition in local papers and television spots. If you are a Go Team member and have been the subject of a media interview/story, please let us know at info@goteamdogs.org so we can highlight these events.

Thank You

We appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten from teams around the country during this transition phase.  And, we want to say thank you to the teams who represent Go Team in their communities.