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Dear fellow Go Team members,

On behalf of the board of directors, I welcome you to Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc., a new Colorado nonprofit Corporation established by active therapy dog handlers from The Go Team Therapy and Service Dogs. The joint statement you received from both boards explained the dissolving of one organization and formation of another for the betterment of the work you do. Your new board members have worked hard since February of this year to ensure a smooth transition and preserve the tradition of volunteerism you so proudly uphold. Initially, you will notice little difference in daily operations and here’s why.
We are proud to announce the appointment of Nancy Trepagnier as Executive Director and Lead Trainer for our new nonprofit. Since 2012, Nancy has set a high standard for therapy dog training and certification while helping the Go Team grow nationwide. Nancy’s personal touch guarantees each and every handler team will feel confident in a myriad of situations. Nancy is empowered by the board to run the daily operations of our new nonprofit and very little will change in the near term; including current procedures, annual fees/dues, and renewal anniversary dates. Our goal is to make this transition invisible to you as best we can.
Nancy is supported by a diverse and talented board of directors. As incorporator, she chose the initial board from Go Team handlers in Colorado Springs who have already helped behind the scenes with member paperwork. Once appointed, our board worked quickly to build a solid foundation for success to include ratifying bylaws. Our bylaws direct term limits for directors serving on the board which we believe is fundamental for cultivating new ideas and growth. We are in the process of identifying and writing policies and procedures to enable Nancy to run the business efficiently. Rest assured, the board will govern the nonprofit in a structured, deliberate, and transparent way.
Please be aware, the liability insurance policy which covered your dogs while working under the previous nonprofit will end on April 4th 2018. Nancy has already arranged insurance for our new nonprofit, therefore seamless coverage will be in place once we receive your request to transfer membership.
Our new board and Nancy understand the challenges of therapy dog work and will continue to maintain the highest standards possible as we become a national leader. Expect to hear more from us in the coming months on future plans, including a call for volunteers, formation of committees and a new and improved website and member portal. We are committed to serving you as you serve your communities.

Board of Directors (and dogs):

President, Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc
Steve Schlonski (Pepper) – President
Debbie Griffin (Brinkley) – Vice President
Pam Nash (Ace and Bo) – Treasurer
Carla Albers (Indy) – Secretary
Mary Podschweit (Teddy, aka Big Head Ted)
Bill Lehman (Sadie)
Tim Abenroth (Sissy)

Membership Transfer Instructions:
Copy and paste the following language into an email, along with your name and the name(s) of your dog(s) and send to info@goteamdogs.org:

I am a current member of The Go Team Therapy and Service Dogs. I would like to transfer my membership to Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs, Inc., and will complete all required paperwork for the new nonprofit.

It would help us if you could take a photo of your dog’s ID card (front) and send with your member transfer email. This will help us find paperwork more quickly.